Our cashmere collection is made with 15.5-16 micron 100% cashmere fibers that that when cared for correctly, will last for years to come.

Washing & Drying

Hand washing your cashmere garments in lukewarm water (30c) using a small amount of gentle sulphate-free detergent.

Thoroughly rinse in lukewarm water.

Turn inside out and squeeze out excess water gently by rolling it in a towel.

Do not wring or stretch the garment.

Re-shape to its original size and dry flat over a towel away from direct heat and sunlight.

Storing  & Moths

We recommend using aromatic cedar blocks or sachets to keep moths away. Equally effective is storing your cashmere in a zip lock bag but please ensure your sweater is perfectly dry.


Knitwear can shed fibres during initial wear which can form small pills/bobbles in areas where friction occurs, such as under the arms or where you carry your handbag. Softer fibres such as cashmere are more prone to this, particularly when cashmere is brand new.

It is not necessary to wash your cashmere after every wear but wash regularly to minimise pilling.

Remove pills gently using a cashmere comb or cashmere brush.

If absolutely necessary, use a razor blade, lint tape or battery-powered “fabric shaver” to gently remove the pills.